There are many things in common between Lebanon and Georgia.

Both countries have a set of high values and ethics embedded in their culture and history. Which makes this a great atmosphere for strong bonds on both social and cultural levels.

Georgia and Lebanon also have opportunities for growth on both the economic and business levels, specially that both countries have highly skilled and educated workforce that can positively contribute to the success of all industries.

When it comes to tourism, Georgia and Lebanon also have lots to share. Both countries have four seasons and have many cultural, historical and seasonal attractions.

Over the last few years, Georgia started to attract a good number of both tourists and business people from Lebanon. We find that this number is expected to grow bigger and bigger over the coming years. We also hope to see more Georgian tourists and investors in Lebanon, as well, over the coming years. In the near future, we also hope to create stronger trade and business relations between both countries.

It is not easy for someone to live abroad and away from his motherland, but, in Georgia, you are never a stranger, because Georgian hospitality is one of a kind and very lucky is the one who has a Georgian friend, because Georgian friends are much more than just acquaintances, they are family!

As of December 26, 2018, the Honorary Consulate of Lebanon in Georgia started to be active and operating on a daily basis.

The Honorary Consulate will be mainly working to strengthen the relations between Lebanon and Georgia on social, cultural, educational, trade, business, tourism and other levels.

We are honored to be representing Lebanon in this lovely country and we hope to make the most out of this new diplomatic exchange between Beirut and Tbilisi...

Meantime, we always remain at the service of the lovely Lebanon worldwide with great honor and pride!

Long live Lebanon & Georgia!

Anestass El Murr
Honorary Consul for Lebanon in Georgia


The Honorary Consulate of Lebanon in Georgia is mainly working to build stronger bridges of collaboration between Georgia and Lebanon on the levels of commerce, trade, business, education, culture and society. The honorary consul is always ready to deal with urgent matters and emergencies.

For consular services and visa information, please contact the embassy of Lebanon in Armenia:

Dzoragyugh Azgagrakan 14
Tel: +374 10 501301/3/4/5
Email: libanarm@gmail.com